About us

The Franklin Mint Beginning

It all started back in 1964 when Joseph Segel founded The Franklin Mint after noticing the high demand for silver coins that were in their last year of circulation and about to disappear. He saw an opportunity and interest in the market and grew a business that specialized in the best collector items, such as rare coins, diecast models, historical currencies, unique decorations, porcelain objects, jewelry, and much more. Since then, this business has marketed limited-edition products made of precious metals (typically sterling silver) for those interested in American history and national symbols


Along with Pier1, Radio Shack, Dress Barn, and Linen N Things, The Franklin Mint was acquired by Retail Ecommerce Ventures and was given the opportunity to relaunch and re-vamp its' online website in order to reach all collectors and numismatists around the world. The Franklin Mint's website was up and running in early October of 2020, reaching their lifelong customers of 50+ years and also expanding to the interest of younger generations. The company has grown to include all sorts of rare and unique collectibles, from handmade guitar picks made out of coins, stone, and metal, to beautifully crafted garden statues. The Franklin Mint has a variety of products that’ll suit every taste- this company is every collector’s paradise. So get lost exploring our unique products of collectibles, currency, diecast model cars, home decor, games, accessories, and jewelry.